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As cloud environments become more complex, managed service providers need to offer the right mix of services to meet users’ expectations, now and in the future, in a fully hybrid cloud model.

Outsourcing your cloud services is typically less expensive than relying on in-house IT staff. After making the switch, you no longer have to keep a team of specialized experts on staff. Instead, TechLyncs can manage servers, storage, networks, and virtualization for you. And with cloud services, there is little to no hardware to power and maintain, saving you even more money.


Allow our experts to help you plan your project.


Our experienced team will deploy and maintain your network and servers in the cloud.


We will take care of any cloud provider such as AWS, Azure, GCP, Digital Ocean or Hetzner.

TechLyncs Managed Cloud Services can scale your resources up or down as needed. No more getting stuck with excess equipment or scrambling to find resources at peak times. This flexibility empowers your business to operate more efficiently and implement rapid changes when necessary.

TechLyncs Managed Cloud Service watch over your network day and night to keep things running smoothly. By maintaining full control of your network, we can see problems as they occur and make repairs remotely. This consistent service helps you deliver a better experience to your applications.

Businesses of all sizes are being targeted by cybercriminals everyday. But when you work with us, our team will use industry best practices to counter cyberattacks & protection against ransomwares.

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