Exchange Server 2016

About Exchange Server

Exchange Server is an E-Mail Server developed by Microsoft. By the implementation of Exchange Server in a Network  we can use our business domain (i.e ) with email address.(i.e a professional way  to use email address with your business domain instead of using Gmail,Hotmail,yahoo etc free and public mailing services for your business and official communication. Now a days Email services/Mailing infrastructure is a need of every organization whether organization is small in size or large.

After this course you will be able to implement On-Premise Mailing infrastructure for Small-mid-large size organization.

We provide Exchange Server Training With Live Public IP Addresses and Public registered domains, We have good hardware resources and network for Exchange Server deployment.All labs are practically orientated with live deployment,implementation and live troubleshooting by our great instructor MR. UMER AZEEM.

Pre Requisites:

For better understanding of Exchange Server better is  to have a knowledge of MCSE Server infrastructure.

Course Outline

instructor : UMER AZEEM


  • What is Exchange Server?
  • DNS Conceptual advance concepts. (Real World Examples with practical)
  • Working with Authoritative Name Servers and Registrar Cpanels.
  • Domain registration, Web hosting, Name Server publishing, Email hosting concept.
  • Implement IIS SMTP Server for Mail relay.
  • Implement IIS SMTP Server as a Backup MX/ Email Hold.
  • Overview and comparison Exchange Server 2010/2013/2016.
  • DNS Role in Exchange Server implementation for a production network.
  • How Mail Server Works and understanding Mail Flow Step by step.
  • Mail Flow using Dynamic IP Address.
  • Exchange Server 2016 Architecture and comparison with previous Exchange versions.
  • What is MTA, SMTP, Pop3, IMAP, MAPI Client Outlook, Web Client Concept.
  • Designing and implementation of Exchange Server.
  • Exchange Server Pre Requisite.
  • Planning and installing Exchange Server 2016.
  • Email Routing _ Configure internal and External Mail Flow with public registered domain.
  • Understand and Configure Send and Receive Connector.
  • Multiple Send Connector with Multiple ISP’s.
  • Conceptual session on default receive connectors.
  • PowerShell Basics and Exchange management shell.
  • How Multiple MX Records works.
  • Configuring and Managing the Mailbox Role.
  • Calendar Sharing, Calendar Publishing.
  • Creating and Configuring Mail-Enabled Objects.
  • Managing Mail-Enabled Object Permissions.
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting the Mailbox Role.
  • Developing Backup and Recovery Solutions for the Mailbox Role and Publish Folders.
  • Implementing Load Balancing.
  • Planning and Managing Role Based Access Control (RBAC).
  • Online Mail Server Cloud Backup Services.
  • Email Service Provider Setup _ How to Add Multiple Accepted Domains and provide Emails Services to Organizations.
  • Email Address Policy.
  • Configure MS Exchange Server as Mail Relay.
  • Relay Host VS Smart Host Server.
  • Name Space Planning for SSL Certificates.
  • Configure SSL Certificate with Exchange Server.
  • Configure Transport Rules.
  • Configure Outlook Web App. (OWA)
  • Deploy Second Exchange Server for load balancing/Failover.
  • Configuration of Second Exchange Server.
  • Load balancing using DNS RR.
  • Basic overview and configuration with hardware base load balancer (kemp)
  • CAS Load balancing using Kemp Load Balancer.
  • Exchange Server HA_ Configure Database Availability Group. (DAG) for Mailbox Databse Server redundancy.
  • Understand and Configure Auto Discovery for Exchange Server.
  • Active Sync for Mobile Device. (Android/Windows Phones/IPhone)
  • How to create and Manage Rules in MS Outlook.
  • MS Online Test Connectivity Analyzer Tool for troubleshooting.
  • Public Exchange Server behind Firewall _ Using MS ISA/TMG Server.
  • Malware Filtering and Antispaming.
  • Email Journaling Rules.
  • Deploy MS Edge Transport Server Role.
  • Online Archiving.
  • Retention and Archive Policy.
  • Message Tracking in Exchange Server.
  • Recall Message / Email.
  • Configure Outlook Client/ Emails Backup Restore.
  • A Tour of Outlook on the Web.
  • Customize Outlook Web Access Login Page.
  • Implement Office Web App Server.



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