What is Mikrotik

Mikrotik is all in one ,  Can act as a Router,Firewall,Switch,Proxy Server, QOS, Web filtering device, VPN appliance.

Provide functionality of unlimited features in very cheap price. it is a successor in computer Networks due to large number of useful features.


Course Content

  • Introduction to Mikrotik Router OS.
  • Terminate ISP Line connection in Router.
  • Real World Topology Scenarios.
  • Mikrotik basic configuration.
  • Management Utilities.
  • Add routes in Mikrotik.
  • Understand Firewall in Mikrotik
  • Understand Chains and traffic flow.
  • Configuring NAT in Mikrotik.
  • Configuring DHCP Server in Mikrotik.
  • Configuring DNS Server in Mikrotik.
  • Configuring NAT in Mikrotik.
  • Block IP Source/Destination Address.
  • Block Web Sites.
  • Port Forwarding (ds nat).
  • DNS Redirection.
  • Terminate multiple ISP’s in mikrotik router.
  • Bandwidth Contorll.
  • Queue Rules.
  • Distribute equal bandwidth to all users.
  • Restrict user to chowk network bandwidth.
  • Packet Mangling.
  • Route traffic to alternate ISP for a specific users..
  • Policy Base Routing.
  • Load Balnaing Multiple Methods.
  • Configuring ISP Fail over for redundancy.
  • Block Torrents.
  • Configure Proxy Server and block web sites.
  • Configure caching to improve browsing performance.
  • Configure Hotspot and its management for internet cafe.
  • How to secure your Mikrotik Router. Configure security.
  • Configure Wireless Access Point.
  • Configure VPN Server. (PPTP/L2TP,IPSEC etc)
  • Connections,Address Lists.
  • Tools, Torch, Monitor users traffic/bandwidth  in real time.
  • Netwatch,Traffic generator, Traffic monitor.
  • Packages, Upgrade,downgrade Router OS.
  • Terminal.
  • Ping,Telnet,Traceroue,
  • Layer 7 Protocol, Backup and Restore.
  • Logs,Health.Time.


Trainer : UMER AZEEM   | umer@techlyncs.com   | info@techlyncs.com


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