ISA / TMG Server

About TMG Server

TMG Server is a software base network security product by Microsoft.Using Threat Management Gateway (TMG) we can control internet traffic for users and can apply certain set of security rules and block/allow web sites or web content.

Moreover, Using TMG Server we can publish or expose our internal/LAN Servers/DMZ Servers in a secure way over the internet using a single public IP Address.

TMG provide following functionality or TMG Server can act as a;

  • Router.
  • VPN device.
  • Firewall with web traffic inspection.
  • Proxy Server.
  • Reverse proxy Server.
  • IDS/IPS.


TMG Server Course Outline

  • What is TMG Server? TMG Server Features and functionality.
  • TMG Deployment Scenarios.
  • Preparing and Planning for TMG Server.
  • Installing and configuring TMG Server.
  • Allow internet traffic for LAN Users.
  • Restrict internet access.
  • Block Porn and unwanted Web sites.
  • Block Web Content with specific keywords.
  • Block downloading.
  • Block specific file extension.
  • Publish internal resources or servers over internet.
  • Publish Http Web Sites.
  • Publish Https Web Sites using SSL Certificates.
  • Configuring and Enabling NAT and Route.
  • Manage internet Traffic Rules.
  • Create Remote Access and Site-to-Site VPN.
  • URL Filtering, Block Social Media Sites.
  • Managing TMG clients.
  • Https inspection.
  • Malware filtering.
  • Non-Http Servers publishing.
  • Publish Exchange Server securely through TMG Firewall.
  • Secure Mail Relay.
  • TMG Server Backup and Restore.
  • Bandwidth Splitter.
  • Monitor Users Traffic.


Pre Requisite:

Basic Knowledge of Networking.



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