Sharepoint Server 2016

About SharePoint Server

Microsoft SharePoint Server is a Web based (Works on Browser) platform to share your work with team members, collaboration within organize your projects and colleague, and discover people and information. We can say SharePoint is a “Point Of Share” and content Management system (CMS).

SharePoint Server has a simple interface, powerful search to get required content, flexible and easy cloud document management, very rich customization options.Now a days SharePoint Server is a need of every organization for collaboration.


Course Content

Major Topics of Training are:

  • What is SharePoint Server? Industrial Scope, Key features of SharePoint.
  • SharePoint Server history, versions, licensing.
  • Physical Architecture of SharePoint Server.
  • Placement of SharePoint server in a network.
  • SharePoint Server security.
  • Logical Architecture of SharePoint Server. Web applications, Site Collections, Libraries etc.
  • SharePoint deployment Scenarios and topologies.
  • SharePoint Server dependencies and network/system side concepts.
  • SQL Server Basics to understand SharePoint databases.
  • Planning and installing SharePoint Server in organization.
  • SharePoint Server configuration. Post step installation.
  • Overview of Central Admin Site.
  • SharePoint management tools.
  • Farm Applications and Service accounts.
  • Web application pool, Content databases.
  • Creating web application, Site collections.
  • Manager Services in SharePoint farm.
  • DNS configuration for SharePoint.
  • Publish SharePoint over internet.
  • Understand Managed Paths in SharePoint.
  • Alternate Access Mapping.
  • Understand Site Templates. Site Quota.
  • Create SharePoint Library, List, and Tasks etc.
  • Enable SMTP on SharePoint Library.
  • How to access library using windows explorer.
  • Configuring UNC-Http Hyperlinks for Office files.
  • Configuring outgoing SMTP settings In SharePoint.
  • Create and Configure My Sites.
  • Service Applications, Metadata service, Search service. Content crawling.
  • User Profile Service application.
  • AD synchronization. User Profiles, Manage Audience.
  • Business connectivity Service.
  • State Service, Visio Graphics Service.
  • Working with Sites, Site Settings. Themes etc.
  • Enabling SMTP on SharePoint Library.
  • Library files upload Scenario with Exchange Server.
  • Web app, Site Collection Connections, Features. Enable/Disable.
  • Managing Site Users and Permissions, inheritance etc.
  • Web Analytics, Usage reports in SharePoint Server.
  • Configure Office Web App Server (OWA) for document view.
  • Deleting Site Collections.
  • Recycles bin feature, Recover deleted item.
  • Blocked file Types, delegated administration.
  • How to take SharePoint farm full backup.
  • Take Content database backup.
  • Restore different types of backups.
  • Deploying Office Web App Server.
  • Configuring online documents view.
  • Monitor SharePoint Environment. Health Analyzer.
  • introduction to SharePoint Designer.
  • Installing and configuring WorkFlow 2013 Farm for SharePoint Servers.
  • Patching SharePoint Server.
  • About SharePoint Server three Tier Architecture topology.
  • SharePoint Server high availability, Load balancing and redundancy.



About Trainer: UMER AZEEM

– Have Hands on Practical Experience on Sharepoint complex Environments. Working with many multinational organizations for Share point Support.

Course Fee : 400$ USD

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