MCSE 2012

About MCSE 2012

MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) is a Microsoft professional Certification proficiency with Microsoft products.In this course we study Implementation and deployment of LAN (Local Area Network) with Desktop, and Servers Applications.Basically its a Widows Server and Network infrastructure Course with the professional knowledge of TCP/IP Protocols, identity management and system management , network storage Data Center and Virtualization.

If you want to make your career in Network field then start point it to take MCSE Training. We teach MCSE with concepts and real world scenarios and examples.


After this Training course/ Certification you can get job in industry as a ;


System Support Engineer.
System Administrator.
System Engineer.
Network administrator.
Monitoring Operator.
Backup and Disaster Recovery Operator.
IT Technical Consultant.
MCSE 2012 Certification track Cosist of the following 5 exams;
After passing these 5 exams you will become MCSE 2012 Certified.


Exam 410 : Installing & Configuring Win. Server 2012/R2.
Exam 411 : Administration of Windows Server 2012/R2.
Exam 412 :Configuring Advanced Win. Server Services.
Exam 413 : Designing and Implementing a Server 2012/R2 Infrastructure.
Exam 414 : Implementing an Advanced Server 2012/R2 Infrastructure.
Only very basic knowledge of Windows Operating System.


MCSE 2012 Conceptual Online Training

Course Outline

Instructor : UMER AZEEM



  • Windows 8.1 basics, features, Shortcuts, CMD etc.
  • Break/By Pass Windows Password.
  • Create Bootable USB Without any Software.
  • Repair corrupted Windows/Boot Loader.
  • Windows Advance starts up options.
  • Managing file systems.
  • OS Backup and Recovery, Multiple methods.
  • Operating System maintenance.
  • Operating System troubleshooting.
  • Install Windows OS from Network. (WDS)
  • P2V and V2P conversion.
  • Disk types, SATA, eSATA, SAS,SCSI etc.
  • Disk Management. (Raid Levels etc)
  • OS Performance.
  • Windows Boot Process.
  • netstat, route print, services. etc.
  • Task Scheduler, Scripting.
  • Sharing and Security /NTFS Permissions.
  • Offline Mobility, Offline Files.
  • Local Group Policy.
  • Advance Windows Firewall.
  • Configure PPTP VPN Server on Windows 8.1.
  • Hardware troubleshooting.
  • Securing Files and Folder, NTFS Permissions.
  • Data Encryption, bit locker, and Compression, Credential Manger.
  • Troubleshooting internet explorer, browsers.
  • IP Addressing.
  • TCP/IP.
  • Design and Implement an Active Directory Infrastructure.
  • AD User Management.
  • Groups strategy.
  • Managing AD Group Policy Objects.
  • Software deployment.
  • Delegation Administrative control.
  • AD Maintenance.
  • Operation Masters /FSMO Roles.
  • Additional Domain Controller (ADC)
  • Read only Domain Controller for Branch Office. (RODC)
  • Active Directory Replication.
  • Managing Profiles, Local Profile, Roaming Profile.
  • AD disaster recovery.
  • AD Backup and Restore Cases.
  • AD sites and servicetegy.
  • Remote Server Admin Tools. (RSAT)
  • LDAP and Web Application centralize Authentication.
  • Active Directory Functional Levels.
  • AD Domain and forest trust relationships.
  • AD federation service. (ADFS)
  • NIC Teaming.
  • DHCP conceptual in depth.
  • DHCP load Balancing and Auto failover.
  • Advance DHCP Troubleshooting.
  • Name resolution, NetBIOS, Wins Server.
  • DNS conceptual.
  • DNS Load Balancing and Auto failover, Redundancy.
  • Integration between DHCP and DNS.
  • Advance DNS troubleshooting.
  • Remote Administration.
  • Disk Quota, Auto email alerts.
  • Configuring Network Address Translation (NAT).
  • Remote Desktop Gateway Server.(RDGS)
  • MS IIS Web Server to host Web Sites.
  • Reverse Proxy, Port Forwarding.
  • Web Site redirection methods.
  • Secure Your Web Server/Web Site.
  • Prevent DOS attacks techniques.
  • SSL certificates.
  • Managing Print Server 2012.
  • Distributed File Server, FSRM. (DFS)
  • Network Access Protection. (NAP)
  • Secure Your Server Using Pre Shared Keys.
  • Planning and implement IP Sec.
  • Network Policy Server. (NPS)
  • Radius Server 2012.
  • Configuring VPN Server on Server 2012R2.
  • Server 2012 as a Router.
  • Certificate Authority (CA) Server.
  • Buy SSL certificate from “Trusted Root CA”.
  • Windows Server Update Services. (WSUS)
  • Clustering and Load balancing.
  • SMTP Server. Email Relay.
  • Windows Media Service.
  • Virtualization platforms.
  • VM Ware Workstation.
  • MS Hyper-V 2012 R2.


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